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Paul Asadoorian

Paul Asadoorian produces several shows on information security, including the award-winning “Paul’s Security Weekly”. He’s taken an interest in computer security since age 8, where he hacked on his Apple IIe. Paul works in the information technology field as a “Product Evangelist” and performs penetration testing for various organizations.

Whether there is a fishing pole or a glass of scotch in his hand, likely there is a cigar hanging from his mouth. Introduced to cigars by his father, he has since developed a passion for cigars. Smoke just about anything once, buy a box if you like it.


Will (Cigar Coop) Cooper:

Will Cooper is best known for founding Cigar Coop – the cigar industry’s leading daily online news and review site. In August 2013, the partnership of Stogie Geeks and Cigar Coop was announced and Will can be heard each week on Stogie Geeks. Will serves as a Cigar Rights of America Ambassador for the State of North Carolina. Will has also been a contributing writer to The Cigar Lounger magazine and was one of the founders of the Cigar Media Association.

Will was born in Brooklyn, NY and after some stops in Orange County, New York and New Jersey, Will and his family now call the Charlotte, North Carolina area home. Will loves cigars and always welcomes the opportunity to enjoy one – especially in the friendly confines of a cigar lounge. His goal is to smoke a cigar in each of the 50 states in the U.S.A.


Stogie Geeks brings to you cigars, by geeks, for the masses. With blogs, podcasts, and videos, we will keep you up-to-date on what we’ve been smoking, teach you about cigar smoking, and of course keep you entertained.

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The industry’s leading podcast dedicated to the cigar industry. Each week we have a featured guest from the cigar industry, a cigar lifestyle segment, and a recap of what we have been smoking.

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