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I am holding off on giving this one a review, as I smoked 2 of them, but I would not be doing any justice to this stick. The first one I had (smaller size) had outstanding flavor and was very smooth. However, this was a show sample, and the draw was tight, and I couldn’t finish it (got about half way). The next one I smoked was a larger size, and you could just tell the tobacco was a little young. This is a common thing and bound to happen around this time of year when everyone is racing around trying to get cigars released. I will revisit this one for sure, because I am confident that this blend will be really awesome after some time in the humidor. I also love the sizes, which are:

  • Nat Sherman Sterling Perlas (4 x 40) — $9.00 (Boxes of 25, $225.00)
  • Nat Sherman Sterling Marevas (5 x 42) — $11.20 (Boxes of 25, $280.00)
  • Nat Sherman Sterling Dalias (6 1/4 x 43) — $13.60 (Boxes of 25, $340.00)
  • Nat Sherman Sterling Corona Gorda (5 3/4 x 46) — $14.80 (Boxes of 25, $370.00)

“The Nat Sherman Sterling redefines elegance,” said Mr. Sherman. “Following on the heels of our Nat Sherman 1930 and award-winning Timeless collections, The Nat Sherman Sterling maintains Nat Sherman’s tradition of passion and creativity by showcasing yet another unique blend of the world’s finest tobaccos.”
Made up of four traditional vitolas, The Nat Sherman Sterling are tied in wheels of 25 cigars and packed in beautiful slide-top cabinet boxes. The Perlas (4” x 40), Marevas (5” x 42), Dalias (6.25” x 43) and Corona Gorda (5.75” x 46) feature a blend of aged-Dominican filler tobaccos (the oldest has been aged for ten years), a Dominican binder and a stunning Ecuador-grown Connecticut wrapper.

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