RoMa Craft Tobac Intemperance BA XXI Intrigue

Wrapper: Brazil Arapiraca
Binder: Indonesia
Filler: Nicaragua/Dominican Republic
Intrigue: 4 x 46
SRP: $5.00 (Hava Cigar Shop)

The name Intemperance is a play on the Temperance Movement in this country. In 1918, a Temperance Movement resulted in the passing of the Volstead Act. This became the 18th Amendment to the Constitution which resulted in prohibition of alcohol. Prohibition would be repealed with the 21st Ammendment. The Intemperance BA XXI references the 21st Amendment and the wrapper used (BA = Brazilian Arapiraca). There is also an Intemperance EC XVIII which references the 18th Ammendment and uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

The Intrigue is a petite robusto of the Intemperance BA XXI blend. The cigar starts off with a peppery start and then yields to notes of earth, coffee, natural tobacco, and a touch of cites. The Intrigue seemed to more earth and less citrus than the 4 1/2 x 52 Avarice vitola I smoked earlier this year. Overall the Intrigue seemed to be a better aged blend.

I found the flavors on the medium to full-bodied side to start progressing to full-bodied by the end. I found the strength more on the medium side, but that too progresses to medium to full by the end. The burn and draw were outstanding.

It is worth noting there is a bit of binder and filler exposed at the end of the cigar. RoMa Craft Tobac co-owner Skip Martin explained that this was a result of shrinkage of the Arapirica wrapper. They found the best way to work with this wrapper would be to let it age before cutting the foot (thus the shrinkage). Secondly, by exposing the binder and then the filler, it allows the cigar enthusiast to experience those parts of the blend without the dominant flavor component of the wrapper. This most likely resulted in the pepper start.

A great short smoke – and worthy of a Fiver.