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Paul Asadoorian

Paul Asadoorian produces several shows on information security, including the award-winning “Paul’s Security Weekly”. He’s taken an interest in computer security since age 8, where he hacked on his Apple IIe. Paul works in the information technology field as a “Product Evangelist” and performs penetration testing for various organizations.

Whether there is a fishing pole or a glass of scotch in his hand, likely there is a cigar hanging from his mouth. Introduced to cigars by his father, he has since developed a passion for cigars. Smoke just about anything once, buy a box if you like it.


Stogie Geeks brings to you cigars, by geeks, for the masses. With blogs, podcasts, and videos, we will keep you up-to-date on what we’ve been smoking, teach you about cigar smoking, and of course keep you entertained.

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Stogie Geeks Podcast (

The industry’s leading podcast dedicated to the cigar industry. Each week we have a featured guest from the cigar industry, a cigar lifestyle segment, and a recap of what we have been smoking.

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A ten minute podcast dedicated to a single topic – such as a cigar, brand, accessory, or concept

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The industry’s only dedicated podcast to cigar news. Each week we go through the essential headlines of the cigar industry. Our news is always validated and of course #rumorfree, #teaserfree, and #tabloidfree.