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Paul’s Intro – 8:20PM-8:30PM

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This week we kick it off with a Debonaire Ideal segment on ashtrays, interview Jack Torano of Roberto P Duran cigars, and tell you what we’ve been smokin’ in our stogies of the week, so stay tuned!
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Broadcasting live from G Unit Studios in Rhode Island, its the Stogie Geeks show!
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Welcome everyone to the Stogie Geeks show, this is episode 144 for June 11, 2015 and I’m your host Paul Asadoorian.
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On the lines via Skype from NC it Wiiiiiiiiiill Cooper!

Debonaire Ideal: 8:30PM-9:00PM:

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Jack Torano, Duran Cigars – 9:00PM-10:00PM

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static image of Roberto Duran cigars on TV on set for entire interview


  1. How did you get your start in the cigar industry?

Stogies Of The Week 10:00PM-11:00PM

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