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Paul’s Intro – 8:20PM-8:30PM

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This week we interview Scott Kolesaire, the brand manager for the Avo and Zino cigar lines, we talk proper ash management in our Debonaire Ideal segment, Will reviews a unique cutter and Paul reviews LUj, a cuban, and a new Connecticut shade, all that and more so stay tuned.
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Broadcasting live from G Unit Studios in Rhode Island, its the Stogie Geeks show!
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Welcome everyone to the Stogie Geeks show, this is episode 144 for June 11, 2015 and I’m your host Paul Asadoorian.
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On the lines via Skype from NC it Wiiiiiiiiiill Cooper!

Debonaire Ideal: 9:45PM-10:00PM:

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Proper Ash Management

Scott Kolesaire, Brand Manager Avo and Zino – 8:30PM-9:45PM

Guest: Scott Kolesaire, Brand Manager Avo and Zino
Skype: scott.kolesaire
Some of the topics we will hit:

  • Some of your background in the Cigar Industry and how you ended up at Davidoff
  • A little history of the Avo brand
  • Drivers for making the rebranding of Avo
  • What exactly the Avo rebrand involved
  • The current core line offerings
  • Changes made to the Avo limited edition series
  • Avo Synchro Nicaragua – drivers for this type of cigar
  • How’s Avo doing? Your relationship with Avo

Downplay the Zino Stuff (as per Scott); I’d like to also cover some stuff on Zino if that is OK

  • What’s happening at Zino?
  • The recent Zino “Make Of” releases, integration of art work.
  • What’s ahead for Zino
  • Questions

    1. How did you get your start in the cigar industry?

    Stogies Of The Week 10:00PM-11:00PM

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