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8:00PM-8:30PM Show Prep Checklist

  • Guest: Jarred Treaudo (Spelling?)
  • Dial Will In
  • Prize Pack 177 – Did you take a picture?
  • Smoke of the Week: Kristoff of any kind
  • 177 Prize Question: What is the story behind where Culebras, collection of 3 cigars twisted together, originates from?
  • Answer: The story goes cigar factory workers were only allowed to take home 1 cigar per day, so they twisted 3 cigars together and called it 1. So basically, to control the consumption of cigars by factory workers.
  • 8:30 SHOW START

    This week we interview Jarrid “Ed McMahon” True-Doh from Kristoff Cigars! Debonaire ideal this week will talk about vintage cigars, how do you get them, should you share them, and when is the right time to smoke them. In our stogies of the week segment I will talk about one of the least expensive cigars we’ve ever reviewed on the show (and you may be suprosed at the results) and I revisit an old not-so-gimicky favorite, all that and more so stay tuned!
    Broadcasting live from G Unit Studios in Rhode Island, where cigars burn slow, ashes fall fast and cocktails flow steady its Stogie Geeks show!
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    8:30:PM Interview: Jason Lois, Crossfire Cigars

    Description: This week we interview Jason Lois from Crossfire Cigars. You can find out more about all of their products on their web site:

    9:30PM – Debonaire Ideal: Dealing With Tobacco Beetles

    Description: This week’s Debonaire Ideal talks about a sore subject for cigar collectors, the tobacco beetle. We’ll show you how to find them and get rid of them, and most importantly prevent them.
    Some quick facts:

    1. Tobacco Beetle eggs are present in most cigars
    2. Heat higher than 73 degrees F can cause the Beetles to hatch into Larva
    3. Its the worm-like Larva that do the most damage to your cigars, cause holes and consuming the tobacco in your cigar
    4. Once the larva turns into a beetle, it still does damage, but not as much in the larva phase
    5. If you find evidence of beetles, you should put your cigars in a ziplock bag in the freezer for 24-72 hours, then in the fridge for 24 hours, then safely return them to your humidor
    6. The “Tobacco” beetle can also be found in food products

    9:45PM – Stogies of the week

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