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This week, we interview Eddie Ortega from Ortega Cigars and Quality Importers. In our Debonaire Ideal segment, we talk about cigar tubes. In our Stogies of the Week segment, Will smokes a Collector’s cigar from LFD.

8:30:PM Interview: Eddie Ortega, Quality Importers and Ortega Premium Cigars

Description: Eddie Ortega is best known for being the founder of EO Brands and Ortega Premium Cigars. Recently, Eddie has taken on another role – National Sales Manager for Quality Importers. In this interview we catch up with Eddie and discuss what’s happening at both Ortega Cigars and Quality Importers.

9:30PM – Debonaire Ideal: Tubos

This week’s Debonaire Ideal discusses cigars with Tubo packaging.
Origins of Tube Cigars:
Humidification Tubes: Altadis: , Atabey/Byron/Bandolero

9:45PM – Stogies of the week

Paul and Will review and discuss the powers of cigars and the cigars that were let downs, and offer a preview for the projected best cigars of 2016.