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8:30pm – SHOW START

Contest Question –

8:30pm – Interview: JRE Tobacco

Justo Eriera and Bernie Rodrigez from JRE Tobacco

  1. What did you do before you decided to get into the cigar business?
  2. What sealed the deal for you to get into the cigar business?
  3. Have you been involved with any of your brother’s projects prior to the launch of JRE?
  4. The products under JRE were originally under CLE Cigars, why was a decision made to move them to a separate company.
  5. Talk about your father’s involvement with this project
  6. Discussion on the Aladino (Blend, Sizes, Profile)
  7. Discussion on the Tatascan (Blend, Sizes, Profile)
  8. Discussion on the Rancho Luna (Blend, Sizes, Profile)
  9. How are you handling distribution? Where can your cigars be found?
  10. What is you more favorite cigar to smoke from your own blends? What about your other favorite blends?
  11. What’s next for JRE Tobacco?



Debonaire Ideal: Coffin Cigars



9:45pm – Stogies of the week

Paul and Will discuss and review the cigars they have smoked recently. They also do a blind smoke #111.