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8:30pm – SHOW START

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8:30pm – Interview:Nestor Miranda and Jason Wood

We interview Nestor Miranda and Jason Wood from Miami Cigar and Company.
Jason Wood is the Vice President of Miami Cigar and Company where he handles the day to day operations. Miami Cigar and Company is a family-run business and was founded by Jason’s father in law Nestor Miranda. The company owns brands such as the Nestor Miranda, Anoranzas, and Tatiana. The company is the exclusive U.S. distributor for La Aurora Cigars and also has added distribution for Viva Republica and Hfbarcelona accessories.



Debonaire Ideal: Secondary Cigar Bands

Do you know what Secondary cigar bands are? The secondary cigar bands help promote the line. It helps what year it is from, what size, which wrapper is it and if it is a limited addition or not.



9:45pm – Stogies of the week

Paul and Will discuss and review the cigars they have smoked recently. They also do a blind smoke #114.