6:30pm – SHOW START

Blind Smoke: 116
This week on the Stogie Geeks Show, we welcome back Aaron Loomis of Developing Palates. Our Debonaire ideal segment focuses on cigar scoring and in our stogies of the week, there is a battle with Chuck Norris. All that and more and stay tuned.

6:30pm – Interview: Aaron Loomis

  • Aaron Loomis is a co-founder and contributing member of Developing Palates. I began smoking cigars in 2011 and I have been hooked ever since. I like to smoke all types of cigars as I am always on the lookout for finding great flavors.

I have served on the Board of Directors for the Cigar Media Association (CMA) and was a founding member and co-owner of the cigar review site Blind Man’s Puff.
Beyond cigars, I am a baseball fanatic, love to play softball, into craft beers and spirits and enjoying time with my wife and young daughter.
Background Information

  • Developing Palates: http://developingpalates.com
  • Background on Aaron Loomis: http://developingpalates.com/reviewers/
  1. Discussion on Developing Palates
  2. Discussion on the Cigar Industry’s Response to the FDA
  3. Highlight Cigars for 2016
  4. What to look forward to for IPCPR 2016



7:45 Debonaire Ideal: Scoring a Cigar

Play 3 commercials, then go into Blind Cigar Review (Or supplemental discussion if citgar not available)



8:10pm – Stogies of the week

Aaron and Will discuss and review the cigars they have smoked recently. They also do a blind smoke #116.