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6:30pm – SHOW START

This week on the Stogie Geeks show. We welcome Humberto and Cleveland from Cigar Package Design. Mel Shah drops by for a special announcement. Mike Bellody and Aaron Loomis will also be sitting in with us.

6:30pm – Interview: Humberto Areas, Cigar Package Design

Cigar Package Design

  1. Background
  2. What is Cigar Package Design
  3. Talk about some of the projects in the Cigar Industry You were Involved with
  4. FDA Implications
  5. Future Projects


7:30pm Interview Mel Shah, Bombay Tobak

  • Play MBombay Ad
  • Paul and Will to smoke Gaaja cigar


8:05pm Debonaire Ideal: It’s a Boy / Girl Cigars

NOTE: If we can finish up the first guest segment around 7pm, I’d like to slot Debonaire Ideal in between the guest segments.

Short Break

8:20pm Stogies of the Week

Will’s Cigars

  1. Curivari Buenaventura NACS 5 (Nice Ash Cigars Exclusive)
  2. Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac Corona Gorda
  3. Crux Guild Toro Extra Marblehead BP
  4. Leaf by Oscar Maduro Lancero
  5. La Palina Family Series Miami Pasha