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Episode 201

6:30pm – SHOW START

This week on the Stogie Geeks show, we welcome our special guest Mel Shah from Bombay Tobak. In our Debonaire Ideal, we talk about planning a cigar road trip. Our unbanded segment makes a triumphant return and we discuss our Stogies of the Week!

6:30pm-7:30pm Stogies of the Week

Will’s Cigars:
Paul’s Cigars:

7:30-7:45pm Debonaire Ideal: Planning a Cigar Road Trip

This segment covers tips on what to do to plan the ultimate road trip to visit a place with cigar shops.

7:45-8:00pm Unbanded Cigar 301

8:00-8:30pm – Interview: Mel Shah, Bombay Tobak

In 2001, Mel Shah opened a store in Palm Springs, California. As a retailer, Shah built up contacts of farmers and tobacco dealers in Ecuador and Nicaragua. Shah had a vision for how he wanted to roll and ferment tobaccos. He had a challenge to find a factory to carry out his vision, and eventually this led him to Costa Rica, where he is now producing his cigars.