Episode 210 – November 21, 2016
This week on the Stogie Geeks Show, we have a special interview with the one and only Rocky Patel, in our Debonaire Ideal segment, we talk coffee and some cigars with Jay Caraguay of Spro Coffee and of course, we have the Stogies of the Week

6:30pm – SHOW START

This week on the Stogie Geeks show,

6:30-7:10pm – Debonaire ideal, Jay Caraguay, Spro Coffee

Spro Coffee Website

  • What is Spro Coffee
  • Jay’s role
  • What kinds of Coffee product
  • Some basics of coffee blending
  • Coffee regions
  • Some basics on coffee roasting
  • Flavored coffee versus non-flavored
  • Importance of Filtered Water while brewing
  • Cigar Pairings

7:20-8:00 pm – Stogies of the Week

Have three or four cigars ready to talk about

8:10pm-8:35pm – Rocky Patel Interview

8:40pm-9:00pm – Rocky Patel Discussion