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Episode 219 – January 30, 2017

6:30pm – SHOW START

This week on the Stogie Geeks show,

6:30-7:30pm – Opus X Cigars

Some interesting facts:

  • The Oliva family owned the land that would eventually become Chataue Fuente, where all Opus X wrapper is grown. Eventually Oliva would sell the land to Fuente
  • Due to climate and the conditions in the Domincan at the time (Weather and farming methods) wrapper leaf from Dominican was rare
  • Opus X wrapper is Dominican Corojo, really interesting!
  • A source close to the Fuente history once told me that Opus X doesn’t always burn well, and that’s because the Fuente’s only stick to the specific leafs used for the blend, and do not add any to enhance the burn
  • The wrapper is often deemed Rosado, which is just a way to classify the tobacco by colore, meaning it has a red hue
  • There was a very high demand for Opus X when it was released in 1995
  • There was a lengthy trademark case, from Opus One wine, who had a trademark once used for pipe tobacco. After a lengthy battle, the two marks were deemed different enough to co-exist in different markets
  • Select rollers, who start from day 1 at Fuente, rolled a size (one size per roller)
  • Any tobacco not used in the Opus X making process is destroyed so no other cigar maker can claim their cigars have Opus X tobacco in them



Arturo Fuente Opus Cigar Legendary Smoke
The Fuente Fuente Opus-X
The History of the Arturo Fuente
Fuente Opus-X Roller Franklin Pichardo
Stogies Arturo Fuente
Years of Opus-X – Best quote from this article: “I first called it ProjectX From Planet 9. It was a working title until I could think of a real name,” explains Fuente. “I was looking through the thesaurus and was thinking of using the word “opulent.” Next to it in the dictionary I came across the word “opus.” The definition was perfect. I combined that with the letter X and thought ‘OpusX. It sounds like sex!’ ”

7:30-8:00pm – Debonaire Ideal: Non-Connecticut Shade Cigars to Smoke in the Morning

Paul’s List:

  1. (Nicaraguan Habano)
  2. (Cameroon)
  3. (or this size: (Ecuadorian Colorado Claro (Sun Grown Ecuadorian Connecticut Seed)
  4. (Nicaraguan Habano)
  5. (Ecuadorian Arapiraca)


  • Lots to choose:

    1. Padron 1964
    2. Arturo Fuente – Most offerings, non Opus X, can be smoked in the morning.

    Joe’s List: Non-Connecticut Shade Cigars to Smoke in the Morning


    Notes:-Deconstructing The OpusX Band

  • 8:00-9:00pm – Stogies of the Week

    Paul’s Cigars:
    Reviewing some already posted:

    Ernesto’s Humidor No. 1 Edición Maduro 2015 by E.P. Carrillo

    Ernesto’s Humidor No. 1 Edición Colorado 2015 by E.P. Carrillo

    Ernesto’s Humidor No. 1 Edición Connecticut 2015 by E.P. Carrillo

    E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2016

    Joe’s Cigars:


    Not posted yet to Stogie Geeks Site: