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Debonaire Ideal: Repairing Your Cigars

We’ve all had a cigar unroll on us, typically from the foot or anywhere along the cigar the wrapper can start to peel off. There are many causes for this, improper storage or handling is common, but afterall it is a handmade product.
If this happens many people will try to use saliva to repair the cigar. WHile this may hold for a minute or two, its not going to work. The saliva just evaporates, and does not boind like a glue.
Cigar factories use all sorts of different methods to hold the components of the cigar together, see this Cigar Journal article that states that some do not use what you can buy off-the-shelf in the US.
There are two basic recommendations:
– Pectin, which is fruit based ( a white to light brown powder, mainly extracted from citrus fruits, and is used in food as a gelling agent)
– Gum Arabic, which is another all natural ingredient ( a natural gum consisting of the hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree)
The pectin I bought was pre-mixed, it worked okay, but better to get the powder form.
I mixed some Gum Arabic with distilled water, and it works really well.
I’m going to do more segments on this, but this one is limited to just repairing, as in when the wrapper leaf peels off, apply some under the leaf, then a little more on top of the leaf and run your finger over the tear until its stuck back together.
Don’t tear it even more!
Ideally you do this before you start smoking, and give it 24 hours to dry/rest in the humidor (it will still harden in the humidor even though the humidity is 65-70).
You can do this to the cigar while your smoking it, doesn’t hurt, and doesn’t affect the taste or flavor or aroma from what I’ve found.

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Interview: Jason Wood, President of Miami Cigars

Jason Wood is the Vice President of Miami Cigar and Company where he handles the day to day operations. Miami Cigar and Company is a family-run business and was founded by Jason’s father in law Nestor Miranda. The company owns brands such as the Nestor Miranda, Anoranzas, and Tatiana. The company is the exclusive U.S. distributor for La Aurora Cigars and also has added distribution for Viva Republica and Hfbarcelona accessories.