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Episode 233- June 05,2017

Cigar of The Week:

Interview: Jose Calá, Calá Cigars -2:00pm-3:00pm

Calá Cigars founder and owner Jose Calá was born in the city of La Vega, in El Cibao, Dominican Republic. Calá’s parents retired to the heart of the tobacco growing and manufacturing industry, a place called Santiago de los Caballero. Calá’s parents, who own 20 acres of land in Tamboril, used it to farm tobacco
from time-to-time. This is where Calá’s passion for cigars and tobacco growing began. In one of his many visits to his native country to visit his beloved family, Calá, joined forces with his uncle Luis Rosario. Rosario, a legendary master cigar blends man, and Calá decided to start a family owned cigar company and brand. That moment was the birth of Calá Cigars.
Calá, a cigar aficionado and cigar smoker himself, understood what people were truly looking for in a well constructed cigar. Consistency in the blend, excellent
draw, beautiful aroma and let’s not forget the flavors. Combining all the experience of Calá’s father, his uncle and Calá himself in the tobacco industry; they have created a medium body blend that is truly a gentleman’s cigar.
For the Calá Family, creating cigar blends is like making a great wine which appeals to all kinds of taste palettes. Calá selects only the best premium fillers for superb taste and strength. They hand select the finest wrappers produced in one of the best places in the world – Santiago, in the Dominican Republic. And for those cigar aficionados looking for a well blended cigar at a competitive price, we at Calá Cigars, invite you to try our cigars.

Stogie Geek Segment:

Stogies of the Week

Paul’s Stogies

Joe Hollywood’s Stogies

Rain Man’s Stogies

Joe D’s cigars I’ll be reviewing:
La Aurora Puro Vintage 2003
Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012
La Aurora 100 Amos Cameroon
LFD Colorado Oscuro
Tatuaje Fausto
La Aroma De Cuba-Mi Amor Reserva
La Aroma De Cuba-Mi Amor
Gurka Warpig