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Episode 237 – July 10, 2017

Cigar of The Week:

Stogie Geek Segment: Cigars in High Temperatures

Hey guys,
Big fan of the podcasts and cigar reviews. I have a question for ya:
I’m in the Army and spend a lot of time in the field on a tank. I just bought a nice Xikar travel humidor, along with some 69 boveda packs. My problem is, my cigars are going to experience some high Temps, probably high 80s and 90s in southern georgia. Will this have a huge impact on my sticks? And what, if anything can I do to keep these cigars smokable after two weeks or so? Thanks for any input you have. I have two boxes of Cromagnon mode 5s on the way that I want to take with me, but I’m afraid I will ruin them.

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