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Stogie Geeks #265

Recorded March 12, 2018 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!


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Interview: Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, E.P. Carillo Cigars

E.P. Carrillo.
Since 2009, E.P. Carrillo has been known for its vast and satisfying assortment of cigars. The founder, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, is dedicated to producing only the finest cigars, taking pride in adding uniqueness and differentiating his cigars from those of his “big brand” competitors. Perez-Carrillo has been involved in the cigar industry since he was a child, learning his craft from his father. With over 20 blends including La Historia, INCH, and Dusk, E.P. Carrillo is known for its full-flavored, premium cigars hand-crafted in the Dominican Republic.

Interview: Enrique Sanchez, GlobalPremium Cigars

GlobalPremium Cigars.
Global Premium Cigars is a tobacco company Proudly Nicaraguan, which owns the most renown and prestigious brand 1502. Truly a Nicaraguan treasure.
In our Premium brand 1502, you will find three tobacco lines with the highest quality, where the sowing process, harvest, curing, aging and selection of each tobacco leaf is our major concern. It takes more than five years from the time of its sowing until the time you can enjoy one of our fine cigars; this is why patience is one of our greatest virtues in the art of tobacco production.
In our brand 1502, you will find three lines totally different from each other, being 1502 Emerald the “Fina Fuerte” (Fine Strong), 1502 Ruby of medium strength and 1502 Black Gold with strongest character. Three spectacular bindings that exclaim the Nicaraguan flavor, which will delight at all times and will make an unforgettable experience.