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Stogie Geeks #271

Recorded April 20, 2018 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!


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Interview: David Daniels, S.D.S Cigars 2:00pm-2:30pm

S.D.S Cigars.
David Daniels has been in the cigar industry for over a decade. Owning and running high end lounges with excellent customer service is part of my passion. I took a year off to travel abroad from Ecuador to Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic to Cuba leading me to Honduras. I wanted to invest and understand the method but more the passion behind this incredible craft. So in 2006 I began my journey to blend and roll my private line. After several years and attempts I began the cigar line Envi.
As a house brand introduce in 2013 the reviews were incredible. Making a leap of faith, I focus on the manufacturing process and step away from the retail industry. Simply put my love and passion has always been there and I starve to be making incredible blends for a long time. By learning from incredible blenders and having the honor to partner with Dr.Gabby Kafie Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia, also known as Tabacos San Jeronimo, in Danlí, Honduras. I felt that the small factory understood his needs for this venture. The reason I have chosen Dr.Kafie to partner with is that first he treats his workers as family. This is the only factory open yearly around to employ the workers, but the ability to have everything done under one roof is remarkable. The communication with the factory foreman on consist updates on the process from labels,cellophane production and curing process is incredible. For an ultra boutique maker this is a blessing.
The only obligation you have in business is not just success; it’s sustainability and success will flourish. I worked on the Envi line for over 10 years. I visited master benders and learned what truly makes an excellent cigar. The foundation to build a legendary mark in this industry takes passion, love and a desire to continue despite failures. I am proud to officially announce with incredible thought and design; the Envi cigar brands.
This decision comes from the incredible retailers that support me but most the incredible people that love Envi. Being ultra boutique means to me giving the very best experience to all.

Stogie Segment: 2:30PM-3:00PM

Stogies Of The Week 3:00PM-3:30PM

Joe H’s Cigars

  1. Flor de Selva by Maya Selva
  2. Viaje Exclusivo Leaded
  3. Norteno From Drew Estate
  4. Camacho Candela
  5. Flor de Selva Grand Pressé Maduro