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Stogie Geeks #276

Recorded June 8, 2018 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!


Interwiki: JoeH++

Interview: Mark Weissenberger, Rocky Patel Premium Cigars 1:00pm-1:30pm

Worked for 4+ years at Cigar Aficionado magazine as an Online Editorial Assistant for a year and as Tasting Coordinator for the remainder.
Hired by Rocky Patel in 2005 as Regional Sales Manager covering upstate New York down to DC. Exceeded sales goals every year, building the territory to the point where a split had to take place. In 2009, assumed the Pittsburgh market while New York and most of NJ were removed. Advanced to Sales & Marketing Manager in 2013 based on various marketing/sales projects. In 2015, the territory was split again based on territory sales growth. In 2016, offered the position of VP of Marketing. Assumed the role in early 2017, moving to headquarters in February of 2017. Currently the head of the marketing department, working directly with Rocky and Nish on all marketing aspects.

Interview: Robert Echevarria, Abel Exposito Cigars 2:30pm-3:00pm

Roberto Echevarria, partner and seasoned Cigar veteran, is responsible for the success of numerous premium international brands.
The cigars are produced by Don Fidel Olivas, Esteli, Nicaragua. Don Fidel is the most prominent name in his country when it comes to processing raw tobacco, fermenting and blending, with over three hundred different blends that are proven successes in the U.S. and European markets for the last 36 years.