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Stogie Geeks #277

Recorded June 22, 2018 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!


Interwiki: JoeH++

Interview: Barry MacDonald, David P. Ehrlich Cigar Company 1:00pm-2:30pm

Barry Macdonald (whose family owned Ehrlich for almost forty years) became not only friends with Mike Bellody, but joined MLB Cigar Ventures as his National Sales Manager. Through this relationship, Mike and Barry decided to bring the David P. Ehrlich brand into the forefront once again; this time, as a premium cigar brand.

At the 2016 International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Trade Show in Las Vegas, MLB Cigar Ventures announced the release the David P. Ehrlich Tremont. The Tremont is the first blend of many that we plan to release under the Ehrlich brand and is named in honor of the street in Boston that the Ehrlich store was most prominently associated with.

In keeping with the MLB mantra, we worked directly with another true cigar legend to blend this cigar- Cigar Aficionado Hall of Famer Ernesto Perez-Carrillo! This incredible blend boasts an amazing flavor profile. Medium-Full in body and strength with a robust combination of spice and sweetness. It is definitely worthy of the history, legacy, and quality inherent in the David P. Ehrlich name.

The David P. Ehrlich Tremont has garnered several ratings above 90 and made it onto several Cigar of the Year lists since we released it in 2016.