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Stogie Geeks #279

Recorded June 29, 2018 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!


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Interview: Justin Andrews, Diesel and Torano 2:00pm-2:30pm

After a brief stint in professional baseball, Justin Andrews decided to return to his roots.
His family has been growing tobacco in North Carolina and Virginia for generations, and when Justin saw an opportunity to join the premium cigar business, he jumped in with both feet.
At the age of 24, Justin began working for a Cuban doctor and his new cigar company called LER Cigars. He quickly began his apprenticeship at the company’s factory in Estelí Nicaragua, and would live there during the growing season for six years.
Justin quickly became obsessed with building his tobacco knowledge, learning about cultural practices, harvesting, curing, aging, blending and quality control. During his six years with LER Cigars, Justin grew the company into a national brand and became part owner in 2013.
Seeing a golden opportunity, Justin joined General Cigar Company in 2015. Since then, his trajectory continues to rise. Most recently, he was promoted to Senior Brand Manager, and oversees Diesel and Torano. He has been instrumental in building a partnership with Rabbit Hole Bourbon and launching Diesel Whiskey Row, an innovative new collection made with tobacco aged in bourbon barrels.