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Released in 2004 for the 160th Anniversary of the H. Upmann brand.
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder/Filler: Dominican Piloto, Nicaraguan, Peruvian
Size: Toro : 5 x 54
H.Upmann is perhaps the most renowned name in cigars, the standard by which cigars have been measured for decades.
The Cameroon is the rarest of rare in wrapper tobacco. The small quantities of this leaf coming from a tiny African country make it the most sought-after in the world. The Cameroon is the perfect complement to Upmann’s inspired blend of Dominican Piloto, Nicaraguan and Peruvian long-fillers with spectacular results.
This is the cuban version: (its not this one)
You know those times when the left hand has no clue what the right hand is doing? Or even exactly what is happening? Well for us here at JR, we just experienced one of those times…
In late 2003, H. Upmann released a very special, mega-expensive, limited-edition cigar to celebrate their 160th anniversary. Packed in 40-count humidor-like boxes, these were real beauties made exclusively for real connoisseurs and sold in very limited quantities to people with lots of money to burn (no pun intended).
Well, when we did inventory last year we screwed up and counted the remaining boxes of 160th Anni’s as another cigar. We were confused as to where they went, but since we couldn’t find them anywhere, the bean counters wrote them off. Fast-forward about a year and our daily inventory shows a bunch of these cigars in stock, so we assume it must be a final delivery and we advertise it as such online. Then we find out that the factory didn’t send us anymore; that there are no more of these cigars anywhere. So it turns out that our “new” delivery of 160th Anni’s are actually the long-lost cigars from last year! So much for a certified inventory, huh?
Since we’ve already taken the inventory hit during last year’s count, we’re just gonna dump the scattered inventory we have left at totally freakin’ insane prices. Here’s the 2003 website description, which we have reactivated now that these cigars have been correctly identified:
Handmade DR
Wrapper: CAM Binder: DR Filler: DR/BRA
Medium-Full Bodied
Connoisseurs of fuller-bodied cigars truly love this new blend from H. Upmann, created to celebrate their 160th anniversary. A naturally sweet, dark-brown Cameroon wrapper is perfectly blended with rich Dominican and spicy Brazilian tobaccos to make a remarkably complex smoking experience that only the finest cigars will provide. The Anniversary Series cigar comes elegantly appointed in a beautifully crafted collector’s box.
JR’s had a sale: