Stogie Geeks Episode #353 – January 22, 2021

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1. Nelson DeMelo, Churchill Cigars – 01:00 PM-02:30 PM


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This is a MASSIVE test. Big Test.

In the second segment, no clue what’s going on. Type more here.

Here’s a random link to try:


Tyler Robinson

Tyler Robinson –

Managing Director of Network Operations at Nisos, Inc.

As Managing Director of Network Operations Tyler leads a team of high-performance security professionals within the offensive security field by simulating sophisticated adversaries, & creating scalable offensive security platforms using the latest techniques as seen in the wild.
Tyler serves as a highly technical operator on client engagements while managing & leading technical operations within Nisos. In addition to providing strategic guidance & advice to Nisos leadership along with new & existing clients, Tyler will help guide product development, offensive capabilities, & infrastructure to ensure future proof resiliency & excellence within the market space.



Joe Hozempa –

Host at Stogie Geeks