Stogie Geeks Episode #370 – June 24, 2022

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1. Baller Cigar Cutters, Smokin’ on the Beach, & Are Expensive Lighters Worth It? – 12:00 PM-02:00 PM


This week, the Stogie Geeks smoke Lanceros and talk: Baller Cigar Cutters, Expensive Lighters worth it? Cypher 3311, Drew Estate, Don Lino Africa, Oliva Cigar Advent Calendar, Smokin’ On the Beach, & more!



Paul Asadoorian


Founder at Security Weekly

  1. Casdagli Cigars Announces Cypher 3311 Line for PCA – Cigar News – Blind Man’s Puff
  2. Smoking Ban On FL Beaches Now Possible In New Law
  3. 5 cruise activities that are no longer allowed on board – The Points Guy
  4. Are Expensive Cigar Lighters Worth It?
  5. Drew Estate Makes Liga Privada 10 Aniversario Regular Production
  6. Drew Estate Expands Availability of Liga Privada 10 Aniversario – Cigar News – Blind Man’s Puff
  7. Cigar News: Quesada Oktoberfest 2022 Edition Announced – Developing Palates – Cigar, Beer and Spirit Reviews and Ratings
  8. Davidoff Limited Edition 2022 Review – Cigar Dojo
  9. Oliva’s Cigar Advent Calendar Returning for 2022
  10. Miami Cigar & Co. Adds Don Lino Africa Humidor
  11. Davidoff increases production of premium cigars by 35%
  12. Cigar News: Diesel Sunday Gravy Grappa Announced – Developing Palates – Cigar, Beer and Spirit Reviews and Ratings

Joe Hozempa


Host at Stogie Geeks


Jason Albuquerque


Chief Operating Officer at Envision Technologies

  1. STG Acquires Room101
  2. Baller Cigar Cutter
  3. Florida Governor Signs Legislation- Premium Cigars Exempted
  4. Casdagli Cypher 3311
  5. Let me rock you, SakaKhan
  6. First Cigar Released from Diaz Cabrera Factory