Stogie Geeks Episode #372 – August 24, 2022

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1. PCA Says No Way, La Aurora, NFTs, Flavor Wheels, & “Purple Rain” – 03:00 PM-05:00 PM


This week, we welcome back Joe “Hollywood” Hozempa and Jason ABQ join to talk what else? Stogies!

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Paul Asadoorian


Founder at Security Weekly

  1. OpusX Purple Rain Returns to Stores; Rare Black Added to Heaven and Earth Series
  2. Liana Fuente Leaving Arturo Fuente
  3. J.C. Newman Ships Updated Diamond Crown Black Diamond
  4. Top 5 Cigars with Cedar Notes
  5. Top Cigars with Dominican Tobaccos
  6. 2021 CA REPORT: The Introvert’s Guide to the Cigar Social Life

Joe Hozempa


Host at Stogie Geeks


Jason Albuquerque


Chief Operating Officer at Envision Technologies

  1. PCA Says No Way! to New Zealand’s “Smokefree Environments Bill”
  2. La Aurora Wins Rum of the Year Honors
  3. Rep Madison Cawthorn – Campaign Violations and Cigars
  4. Warped Upcoming Projects
  5. The Cigar Authority Tasting Wheel – Last Stogie Geeks episode we discussed depth of palate. Here are some tasting wheels that go pretty deep in to flavor profiles
  6. Famous Smoke Flavor Wheel
  7. CI New HQ
  8. STG Reports Handmade Cigar Sales Will Decline
  9. First 6 LFD NFTs Bring in Over $500K