Stogie Geeks Episode #375 – November 16, 2022

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1. Andrew Thorp King – 03:00 PM-05:00 PM


This week the Stogie Geeks interview Andy Thorp King he’s a speaker, investor, spy novelist, an ex-bodybuilder, and serial entrepreneur. What’s one of his secrets to success? ….. Cigars! He started his music career managing big-name bands (like Hatebreed), before he created two of his own independent labels.
Today, begin to learn, firsthand, all the principles Andy uses to coach his clients (without paying for all the coaching fees!) in His latest book FAILURE RULES!: The 5 Rules of Failure for Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Authentics.



Joe Hozempa


Host at Stogie Geeks


Jason Albuquerque


Chief Operating Officer at Envision Technologies


Bill Brenner


VP, Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance