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This week on Stogie Geeks News, we look at the FDA Year in Review

The Cigar Industry is Now Regulated

FDA Regulations Come Down Hard on the Cigar Industry
No Exemption Given to Premium Cigars
More questions than answers exist on the regulations

The Cigar Industry Responds to the Regulations

The three Trade Associations pledge unity in challenging the FDA Regulations
Three pronged approach: Legislative, Judicial (Lawsuit), and Direct Meetings with FDA
Industry Comes Under Criticism for Perceived Slow Response

The New Administration

New President Pledges to Reduce Regulations
Industry Hopes new Administration is more Sympathetic in battle against regulations
Questions on road ahead with Cuba (More on our “People and Places”)

Stealth Cigar Products

Cigar Industry Scrambles to beat August 8th Deadline in Getting Products to market
Some Products Show up with virtually no marketing

Troops and Cigar Donations

FDA Clarifies Ban on Samples by Manufacturers Applies to Deployed Droops.
Ambiguity on the FDA ban on Manufacturer Donations to Troops took five months to confirm
Mainstream Media Picks Up on Story