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This week on Stogie Geeks News, we look at the FDA Year in Review

Carlos Fuente Senior Passes Away

Cigar Industry Pays Respects to a True Industry Icon

On the Move

Highlights Include (Discuss within time constraints)
Michael Giannini Departs General Cigar
Alan Willner Departs General Cigar
Sam Leccia Announces Split from General Cigar Company, Launches establishes distribution through online store
Jack Toraño Departs Duran Cigars, returns to Toraño Cigars
Justin Andrews Named Brand Manager at Foundry Tobacco Company
Dan Carr Named President of ITG Brands
José Blanco Steps Away from Las Cumbres Tabaco, Named Senior Vice President at E.P. Carrillo
Patrick Vivalo Departs Vivalo Cigars
Michael Cellucci Departs Drew Estate; Glenn Wolfson Named New CEO
Heinrich Villiger Steps Down as CEO of Villiger Söhne AG, Robert Suter Named New CEO
Villiger Cigars North America Names Rene Castaneda President
Ricky Somoza Named U.S. Director of Operations at A.J. Fernandez Cigars, then departs before end of year.
Steve Ysidron Named CEO for Kuuts LLC
Larry Palombo Departs Altadis USA
Hector Alfonso Sr. Named Director of Operations and Erik Espinosa Jr Named Vice President at Espinosa Cigars
Gabriel Alvarez Departs Maya Selva Cigars, joins Casa Cuevas Cigars
Jason Lois Departs Crossfire Cigars
John Gonzalez Named Vice President of Sales at Gran Habano
Derek Matthews Named National Sales Manager at Black Label Trading Company
Eddy Guerra Named Director of Marketing at Gurkha Cigars
Rick Ardito Executive Brand Manager for The Upsetters at Foundation Cigar Company.
Rob Rasmussen named Brand Manager of Mombacho Cigars SA
Eddie Ortega splits from Quality Importers

Relations with Cuba

Obama Further Eases Cuba Restrictions
Questions on How Trump Administration will handle Cuba
Fidel Castro Passes Away