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* Step 1 – Purchase a cooler, clean out an old cooler, or even use tupperware

  • Step 2 – Wash out the cooler, vinager and baking soda, let it dry out, leave open
  • Step 3 (Optional) – Get some spanish cedar trays or spanish cedar planks and put them in the humidor
  • Step 4 – Humidification – I use larger coolers, so either you store all the cigars in zip lock bags with Boveda or you can put beads. I only use 2-way humdification in my coolers. I’ve tried using many of the active products from various manufacturers, and the humidity just gets too high! Also, for larger, or even smaller coolers, beads are even a little cheaper. You can load 3-4 lbs of beads and offset with some Boveda and be good.
  • Step 5 – Monitor – I do drop a Hygrometer in the humidors, as temp changes, so can the humidity.
  • Step 6 (Optional) – Add some fans, you can get kits from various manufacturers, this is something I need to do.