We have our own unique way of rating the stogies we smoke. We hope that it helps when choosing what you spend your hard earned cash on.

The Ratings:

1 “Lawn Mulch” – Throw it in front of the lawn mower while mowing.

2 “The Angler” – Not bad, smoke on golf course, fishing, grilling, or some other activity.

2.5 “Try One” – Try one for yourself.

3 “The Fiver” – Not quite good enough to drop money on a box but you will want some in you humidor. Here is a situation where the five pack is your friend.

3.5 “Box Split” – Split a box with a friend.

4 “Box-Worthy” – Buy it, try it, smoke it, and enjoy it. Pick up a box if you can.

4.5 “Fight Chuck Norris for Them” – Bring it Chuck!

5 “The Oasis” – Pursue relentlessly. Crawl Across a desert of broken glass to find and build a new humidor to store all the boxes.