The release of the Undercrown by Drew Estate was announced just prior to this years International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) conference. There has been a lot of information circulating around the internet about the blend and it’s origin. While sifting through the wealth of conflicting information on the blend, I came across Drew Estate’s official Spec Sheet posted on Scribd. I really wish this is something more manufacturers would do. Rather than recreate the wheel, I will just quote from the spec sheet on the origin of the blend.

Undercrown is a liga blended on our factory floor by the best of our LigaPrivada torcedores for themselves due to our request that they smoke less of the cigars they were crafting. Incorporating many of the same rare tobaccos, but of different vintages and priming’s, the cigar they created was no mere replacement.

The Undercrown is available in five sizes; The Robusto (5 x 54), Gran Toro (6 x 52), Belicoso (6 x 52), Corona Doble (7 x 54), and Gordito (6 x 60). For this review I am smoking the Gran Toro. I have been letting these rest for about a week which has taken a lot of patience on my part. So now that Friday evening is here, what better way to wind down from a rough week? Lets do it!

Stogie Stats

Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: San Andres Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan T52 Stalk Cut & Habano
Filler: Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan Habano
Strength: Medium/Full
Format: Gran Toro
Length: 6
Ring Gauge: 52
Age: N/A
MSRP: $7.95


The stick is firm with a little bit of give in the middle. The wrapper color is a dark luscious chocolate and is smooth and oily. The appearance of this cigar is exquisite. The wrapper aroma contains a lot of rich coffee and some spice. The pre-light draw is full of cocoa and a sweetness I cannot quite place.

After toasting the foot I am greeted to copious amounts of smoke on the initial draw. The initial flavors are reminiscent of the Liga Privada T52. The strength is medium/full. The burn is slightly uneven but good. The draw is perfect and the stick is pouring smoke. The first third continues with flavors of cocoa, coffee, and a thick syrupy sweetness. I cannot pinpoint the flavor of the syrup but it is enjoyable and coats the palate for lengthy periods of time between draws. The finish is very unique and I am detecting some spice when passing the smoke through the sinus’.

The first third ends with a lot of leather and earth and the ash falls for the first time. The leather and earth continues during the first part of the second third but does not last long before the syrupy sweetness is back. It is a very raw sweetness but not quite raison or maple. By the halfway point I am really perplexed by this sweetness. I am enjoying the large clouds of smoke billowing out during every draw but I am determined to pinpoint the flavor. It is the dominant flavor and is consequently, difficult to ignore. As the second third comes to a close, the burn has become more jagged. I resist the urge to touch up as this does not interfere with the experience. The draw remains perfect and the stick remains cool.

During the start of the last third, it hits me. Molasses! Raw molasses! Content with my decision on the allusive syrupy flavor, I notice more leather and spice now. The strength seems to have picked as I can feel it on my lips and tongue. The draw never falters and I nub this stogie after about 90 minutes. The nub is a bit hotter than I prefer but is firm.


The Undercrown Gran Toro by Drew Estate has a very unique flavor profile. Much like it’s cousin, the Liga Privada, it is full of richness and has a long finish. Make no mistake, however, this is not a Liga Privada. I state this because I believe expectations of what this cigar is will make or break the experience. Initially it has some of the same flavors of the T52 and the burn/draw characteristics is a tribute to the talent of the
Liga torcedores. But this stogie is its own unique entity.

I enjoyed this cigar immensely. With bold flavors and a price point between $7.00-9.00 I recommend picking some up to try. I firmly believe, however, that a month or two will do this cigar some good. The flavors still need to balance out and you better believe I will be revisiting this stick at that time. In Conclusion, I would give the Undercrown Gran Toro a Stogie Geeks Rating of 3 “The Fiver”. Pick up a five pack, enjoy a couple now, and revisit them after New Years. Once they have rested, this could very well be box worthy.