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Stogie of the Week

Montecristo Edmundo

Origin: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuban
Binder: Cuban
Filler: Cuban
Strength: Medium
Vitola: Robusto(ish)
Size: 5.3 (135mm) x 52
Age: N/A
MSRP: $12.00

This weeks beer is the Narragansett Porter.

Paul’s This Week In Smoke

Alec Bradley Fine and Rare – Very interesting smoke with 10 different types of tobacco. I should have paid more attention to the flavors, as the changes were subtle. This is a medium bodied smoke that smokes forever (smoking time for me was almost 2 hours, but I was talking a lot during the smoke). You should buy at least 2 of these, one to smoke and one to age. One of the better AB’s I’ve ever tried.

Partagas Serie D #4 – I have to agree with Cigar Aficionado, this is a great year for Cuban cigars. This particular smoke is exceptional. They are smoking so awesome right now. This has to be one of my most cherished robust size cigars. Considering some of the construction issues with cigars from this country, I’ve had great luck with this size and brand. Complex flavors, hints of sweetness and other flavors that I can’t pinpoint, but for sure this is a box-worthy purchase. This one was not aged long, box dated Oct 2010 or so. My sister, who is not a regular cigar smoker, was impressed and raved about this stick!

Opus X Robusto – I actually smoked two Opus X cigars recently. Both were very good, the sizes escape me at the moment, but they were smaller robust size Opus. Both presented the typical leather flavor profile you get from Opus, burned great with a little help, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Many people knock this blend, preferring Anejo or the Casa Fuente blend. All in all I enjoy Opus, the regular line of sizes are great, and the "Love Affair" is still by far my favorite Opus in the world.

Viaje Satori Zen (original release) – Despite the cracks in the wrapper, this was still a great smoke. The first 3rd was medium body with some earthy flavors, and I was only mildly impressed. However, this cigar came alive in the second half with some awesome toasty, dark, rich flavors, worthy of burning my fingers to crisp to finish it.

Camacho Liberty 2010 – I am going to say it, I love plume. The oily resin turned to a powdery dust is just so appealing. The 11/18 size this comes in makes for an outstanding smoke.

EP Carrillo Short Run 2010 (Toro) – I smoked two of these lately and its becoming one of my favorite medium body smokes. Great earthy and woody flavors, burns great too.

Tim’s This Week In Smoke

Arturo Fuente Short Story Maduro – Thanks Stogie Santa! Finally had the opportunity to try one my favorite AF Hemingway sizes in the maduro wrapper. Classic, savory, maduro flavors. Less spice than the Work of Art Maduro but equally enjoyable. Extremely difficult to find but if given a chance I would buy a box of these!

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series Exclusivo – Pulled some of these out of the back of the humidor where they haven’t seen the light of day in about a year. Great Padron flavor and quality. I forgot how much strength this cigar can have though and probably should have waited until after dinner. Check out our review!

Viaje Skull & Bones ? (2011) – Meh. Lot of power but the flavor just wasn’t there for me. I have found previous Skull & Bones releases to be more enjoyable. The box pressed torpedo was a little better than the regular short torpedo but in the end I finished neither.

Ashton Estate Sun Grown 21 Year SaluteReviewed the Robusto release of the Ashton ESG series. It is a complex and flavorful cigar but suffered from some construction issues. In the end, I gave it a Stogie Geeks rating of “The Fiver” with the caveat of the price.

Lots of Petit Corona’s – In preparation of our Winter Smoking: The Petit Corona post this week I probably smoked about a dozen petit corona’s in a few days. If you are looking for short, delicious sticks that can be smoked in 30-45 minutes, then this post is for you!

Stogie Tech Segment

Best and worst places to smoke cigars, according to Paul.

Chicago, IL – Up Down Cigar, nice folks, awesome selection, long history. Not much of a lounge to sit and relax, but a really cool shop with a wide variety of super cool accessories. No eating or drinking in the store though. As a side note, Chicago is one of the most unfriendly places for a smoker. The people there really hate smokers, and take great joy in telling you that you can’t smoke in the restaurants and bars.

Charlotte, NC – Cutter’s Cigar Bar in the Marriot downtown, nicest people I’ve encountered at a lounge. High prices, decent selection. You can smoke and eat in the same place, love it!

Baltimore, MD – Cross Street Tobacco – The owner is a spurt nice guy, good selection (Padron, Opus and more). Great atmosphere and they serve coffee.

New York City, NY – Carnegie Cigar Lounge – Where Paul and Tim had cigars together for the first time!

Providence, RI – Cigar Masters – Expensive, but nice scenery. Best part is they are open late, which is awesome.

Washington, DC – Shelly’s Back Room in DC is by far one of my most favorite places to visit and smoke cigars.

Belgium – Fell short of visiting a shop as it was closed, but thanks to some great friends I was able to sit outside, have dinner, and then enjoy a nice Romeo and Juiletta.