After spending the better part of today working around the house, I decided to take a break while it was still above freezing outside. I reached into my humidor and pulled out a Paul Garmirian Reserva Exclusiva Corona Extra which Paul had given me the last time we recorded the podcast. I have had a few P.G. cigars in the past but I am not familiar with the Reserva Exclusiva line. The following expert is taking directly from

Medium to full bodied, smooth and simply delicious, the richness of this cigar can be attributed to its very old and aged fillers, binder and wrapper. Packed with complex flavors and aromas, the “R.E.” has achieved great recognition among the elite of cigar connoisseurs. An exceptional cigar from 10 year old tobaccos. The R.E. is the same retail price as the PG as a chance for PG fans to enjoy something truly special.

Let’s get to burning this baby!

Stogie Stats

Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium
Vitola: Corona Extra
Size: 5 1/2 x 46
Age: More than one year
MSRP: Box of 25 – $250.00


The cigar is uniformly firm and light brown in color. There is a single vein down the front and the wrapper appears to very thin and delicate. The wrapper is peeling slightly in one spot but this could very likely be due to mishandling. The stick has a rich tobacco scent with some spice on the foot. The pre-light draw offers the same in terms if flavor.

The initial draw offers a fantastic amount of smooth smoke. Flavors start with wood and mild spice. A great beginning to a much needed smoke! The burn is fast and very jagged. This doesn’t seem to affect the draw which is perfect or the solid light grey ash which is holding for about an inch. The strength is a solid medium at this point which is perfect since I only had a light lunch. I am really digging the end of the first third as some sweetness creeps in and their is the addition of a nice creamy finish. Thus far the P.G. Reserva Exclusiva is impressing me which is a pleasant surprise.

The second third comes quickly as this stick is still burning fast, but there seems to be no harshness or bitterness, so I cannot complain. I am picking up some earth, spice, and pepper now. There is a fair amount of nuttiness that is coming and going. The sweetness and creamy finish are completely gone and I am enjoying the ride. The burn remains jagged mostly due to the continued wrapper issues but the ash continues to hold and the draw remains fantastic.

The last third begins with more wrapper issues as I attempt to remove the first band and I tear the wrapper in the process. I forgive myself quickly as I am really digging the smoke. The creamy finish is back and the spice and pepper seem to be fading. I am picking up some oak and nuts with a little leather now. The creaminess doesn’t last long before moving into a superb toastiness that just seems to fit with holiday mood this time of the year. The draw never falters and I nub this stick in under 45 minutes which is ok with me since the temperature outside is dropping fast and my fingers are numb.


This was the perfect choice for a early afternoon quick smoke. It really hit the spot and honestly it is the best cigar I have had all week. Lots of complex and smooth flavors that are reminiscent of the flavor profile of many Cubans I have had. While the wrapper did have some issues, it seemed to not interfere with the exquisite experience of smoking this cigar. Consequently, this cigar earns the Stogie Geeks Rating of “The Oasis”. I will be day dreaming about this stick for quite some time and I can assure you that I’ll be hitting up Paul for more!