So I thought I would try something different this week. Rather than hammer off a bunch of long winded cigar reviews, I thought it might be interesting to look back on my weekend in smoke as a whole. I fully intend to still do full reviews during the week, but let’s mix things up a bit shall we? So the "Weekend Redux" is born!

This weekend, began with a much needed extended three day weekend. Thursday night, Paul and I attended an Ashton event at The Humidor in East Greenwich, RI, then recorded Episode 10 of the podcast during the post party. Ashton’s were smoked, scotch and bourbon was sampled, and good times were had by all.

I took Friday off from smoking but jumped back in the saddle on Saturday.

Saturday Afternoon: Emilio Grimalkin Robusto

This medium bodied Nicaraguan puro from Esteli was recently rebranded by creator Gary Griffith. Not a bad thing IMHO as the current band immediately reminded me of the label on a bottle of Lucid Liquor. But let’s not get off topic and get back to the smoke.

This stick had me completely turned around with it’s complexity. The cigar began with some mild cedar, earth, and raison sweetness that seemed to to come and go. The finish seemed slightly syrupy at times but some draw issues really prevented me from fully enjoying this smoke. The draw opened up a bit on the second third and some leather came to the forefront. Soon after I began to detect some citrus notes but my palate was shut down again by a tight draw. I was determined to enjoy this smoke and made it to the last third. I was treated to more spice and a nice creamy finish but I finally relinquished due to the draw.

In conclusion, a fantastic complex smoke I need to revisit. In all fairness, I cannot give a rating on it without smoking more than one. But will say that this cigar was balanced and smooth, and I will look forward to smoking it again.

Sunday Morning: Cuesta-Ray Cabinet Collection No. 47 CT

On Sunday AM, I found myself with a couple of hours of alone time. A very unusual occurrence, so I took full advantage of it and reached for a very old Cuesta-Ray Cabinet Collection No. 47 Paul had given me.

It was a brisk and breezy AM but the higher than normal January temperature, prompted me to pull up a chair on my back deck and light this baby up with a cup of coffee. This mild Connecticut began with some hay, nuttiness, and an occasion sweetness I could not place. Smooth and balanced with a medium finish this stick went well with my cup of coffee. Construction was an A+ and the stick was pouring smoke on every pull. The nuttiness picked up a bit at halfway mark and this continued through most of second third. In the end, this smoke left me satisfied and relaxed. What more can you ask for? I would give this aged beauty a Stogie Geeks Rating of the "The Fiver".

Sunday Afternoon: San Cristobal De La Habana La Punta

I had enjoyed my Sunday AM smoke so much that I decided to take advantage of the weather once again. This time I reached for a San Cristobal De La Habana La Punta from Cuba.

This cigar had a tempting, earthy, musky scent and beautiful milk chocolate colored wrapper. The initial draw opened with copious amounts of smoke and a wonderful balance of leather, cedar, and some occasion vegetal notes. Some toastiness began to make itself known, but as soon as this stick began to find it’s rhythm, I began to experience some burn and draw issues. I battled the issues with three re-lights but by the mid point, I chucked it, frustrated and disappointed.

Sunday Evening: MUWAT Bait Fish

With a full stomach from a great meal, I ended the weekend with a MUWAT Baitfish. This rock solid, full flavored, petit corona has quickly become a staple in my humidor. I have managed to suck down about a dozen of these in the last month and need to re-order. For a full assessment, check out my review from last month. I rated it “The Fiver” at that time but have to say the MUWAT Bait Fish is quickly becoming “Box Worthy” IMHO.

Until next Monday, keep burning!