Today I am smoking the La Aroma Preferido Ruby Tubo. This cigar is based on the regular Preferido 1903 series but is limited. There are five variations of this blend in different colored tubo’s which coincide with five different wrappers. The Ruby is wrapped in a Brazilian Maduro leaf. The La Aurora website has the following information on the five tubo’s and their associated wrappers and strength.

The La Aurora Preferidos Gold Edition is a cigar of great flavor with a Dominican Corojo wrapper. The Platinum Edition, with a select Cameroon wrapper, is of mild to medium body and a smooth smoke. An aromatic Brazilian Sun-Grown wrapper characterizes the Ruby Edition, of medium body. Finally, the Sapphire Edition, with a Connecticut wrapper, offers a mild and smooth smoke, full of flavor.

All tubo’s are 5 x 54 Perfecto’s and are available in boxes of 8 or 24. I recently reviewed the La Aurora Preferido’s 1903 Cameroon No. 1 and I have enjoyed many of the Preferido 1903 Maduro’s in the past. Both cigars are personal favorites but until now, I have never smoked the Ruby edition. Let’s burn this stick!

Stogie Stats

Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Brazilian Sun Grown
Binder: Piloto Cubano
Filler: Piloto Cubano, Brazilian Bahía
Strength: Medium/Full
Vitola: Perfecto
Size: 5 x 54
Age: About 2 Years
MSRP: Unknown but prices range as low as $7.00 a cigar on auction and as high as $20.00 at retailers. I recommend you shop around.


One thing about La Aurora, they know how to roll a Perfecto. This cigar appears to be well constructed with no soft spots. The wrapper has a fair amount of tooth and is milk chocolate brown in color. It has a rich tobacco scent and I can detect a spicy aroma on the foot.

The first third opens with some cedar and spice. I can detect hints of bitter chocolate and coffee on the finish but it is subtle. The cedar and spice seems to dominate the flavor profile initially but after a few minutes I notice the addition of some leather. The burn is slightly wavy but the draw is perfect and the cigar is pouring smoke on every pull. By the time the burn line has progressed into the second third, the burn has straightened itself out and the ash falls for the first time.

Once the burn line has progressed into the widest portion of the cigar, the spice picks up and I would describe it as more of a pepper now. This is really noticeable when the smoke is passed through the sinus’. The dark coffee flavors have dissipated but the cedar and leather remain. Still no problems with construction, I am enjoying the free flowing draw and copious amounts of smoke.

The last third, brings an increase in strength and pepper once again. As the burn line progresses towards head, the cigar becomes a bit lack luster and one dimensional with the pepper dominating. This doesn’t stop me from nubbing this five inch work of art in about 60 minutes. The cigar finishes with no noted construction issues and the nub remains cool until there is less than an inch left.


I love this vitola and the La Aurora torcedor’s should be recognized for their rolling skills. The construction was A+ and I enjoyed the flavor profile. Considering the MSRP however, I expected a bit more complexity or wow factor. Still I would reach for these on occasion. In conclusion, I am going to give the La Aurora Preferido Ruby a Stogie Geeks Rating of “The Fiver” but only at the reduced price. An eight count box might be in order if found at a reasonable price.