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CRAWL ACROSS THE DESERT! Wow, everything they said about this stick being amazing, is true, and more. The thing that really gets me about this stick os the flavor. Unbelievable representation of coffee and cocoa flavors in the cigar. Its almost like smoking something that was infused, except its the opposite of suck. Probably the most flavor I’ve even gotten out of a non-cuban cigar, just wish they would make more like this, as the new cigars in this line are not even close to this.

the Skull and Bones line is only available in a 4 x 54 violta called the Daisy Cutter. It’s wrapped with a sun grown criollo wrapper containing Nicaraguan binder and filler. They come 25 to a box and retail for approximately $9.00 a stick. Only 150 boxes were produced, and adorned with (you guessed it!) a skull and crossbones as well as pirate-esque font. The bottom of the box reads “be warned”.

Reference: Viaje Daisy Cutter (Skull and Bones) (BOTL Forum)