Some old favorites and some new ones on this list. Enjoy!

Friday Evening: Liga Privada T52 Toro

I figured I would start the weekend off with something that was tried and true. So I grabbed a glass of Woodford Reserve and a Liga Privada T52 Toro that had been resting at the bottom of my humidor for about a year. The age has mellowed this stick a bit but it was still as comforting as always with its complex mix of flavors and subtle pepper. As always a perfect burn with tons of smoke. You really cannot go wrong with this smoke. "Box Worthy"

Saturday Afternoon: Tatuaje Seleccion de Cazador Noella

After fighting with a P.G. Reserva Exclusiva that insisted on burning hot, I relinquished and lit up a Tatuaje Miami Noella. This stick was from a newer batch and it did not disappoint. It had a bit more strength than my aged stash and although it was enjoyable, this smoke is something special with a few years on it. "Fiver" if you intend to smoke now, "Box Worthy" if your patient enough to let them sit. My formal review of a three year old Noella can be found here.

Sunday Afternoon: Gran Habano #3 Habano Pyramid

After recently smoking the Gran Habano #5 Corojo, I decided to revisit the Habano #3. This time I grabbed a smaller vitola (6 x 52 Pyramid) than the 6 x 60 Imperiales I smoked last time. Medium in bodied, this stick had a nice balance of sweet cedar, leather, and spice. The performance was good and but I did find the finish to be a bit dry. I enjoyed it but to my surprise liked the larger vitola better. The larger ring gauge just seems to work for this blend. "The Angler"

Sunday Evening: Gurkha Widow Maker

Paul gave this to me a while back after picking up some on auction at a very reduced price. CI lists the MSRP for a box of ten as $500.00. Yes, you read that correctly. However, they always seem to be reduced to about $125.00 which is a lot more than Paul picked them up for on auction. I will just leave it as that.

Now the cigar itself is a Churchill with a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper and it was actually quite enjoyable. A perfect balance of coffee, chocolate, and spice with some occasional floral notes. Medium in strength but medium/full in flavor, this stick poured smoke and was smooth. Probably one of the better Gurkha’s I have had and at the reduced price "Box Worthy". At the listed MSRP not so much.

Until next week, keep burning!