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With about 2 years of age, I have to say this is a great stick for $5.50 (even cheaper on auction, picked up a box for $3 a stick). Nice flavors, bold and spice start, great Tatuaje typical flavors ensue. Perfect stick for smoking around the grill, the pool or while jogging.

From Pete:

“This value-priced cigar uses B and C – grade tobacco. In other words, it’s tobacco that was not used on Tatuaje, the premium brand, which uses A – grade. It’s very good tobacco, but just needs more time to be processed and needs more fermentation, taking a little longer to get out all the impurities. These bales don’t cost as much, so it’s a way to pass on the savings using some really good tobacco.”


Rating: Box worthy budget smoke (Though at $5.50 and no pool to smoke them in, Fiver)