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I just love this stick, still has a nice spice, almost a citrus flavor, delivered in a smooth enjoyable smoke. They lost some punch, so they are my breakfast cigar of choice now. Box Worthy.

“The Edición Inaugural 2009, as it is called, uniquely features two binders: one Nicaraguan and one Dominican. They are wrapped in a three-year-old Ecuadorian habano leaf that won’t be available again for a few years (at which point Perez-Carrillo may include it in a future project). Only 150,000 sticks will be made, which are sold in boxes of 10 for $130.”

I’m gonna go on an rant too: Don’t Believe The Hype or The Reviews. First and foremost, in the words of the great Bruce Potter, don’t believe anything I say!

E.P. Carrillo 2009 Reviews:

“A Good Cigar ”
There are cigars in the market today for under $10 stick which they are better than E.P Carrillo Edicion Inaugural 2009 $13 stick. The Man O War Reination, A.B. Tempus and RP’s The Decade are better than E.P. Carrillo. It has a similar taste between the RP’s The Vintage 92 and the Sun Grown. It is a good cigar but it is over price and hype.

“T” in Plano, Texas

“Don’t waste your money on this one ”
This is a $3-$4 cigar at best. Way too weak, wrapper is too light, and draw is terrible. Only good point is even burn. Other than that this is not a good product and a real disappointment. I have been smoking LaGloria Cubana for 15 years and this cigar is nowhere close to the overall quality of LGC.

Frank in Naugatuck ct