Kappogue Castle 12 Year

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This Week We Are Smoking

Paul – Punch Double Corona (2006)

Tim – Tatuaje J21 (2008)

This week we are drinking

Paul’s Top Ten Stogies of 2011

  1. EP Carillo Dark Ritual’s – Rich flavors but balanced and smooth. “Box Worthy”
  2. Partagas Benji Menendez Re-Release – Pours flavor. Box Worthy.
  3. Paul Garmarian Symphony 20th Salamone – Enjoy the flavor profile that changes due to the vitola. Could smoke it anytime.
  4. Tatuaje Avion – Great stick. “Box Worthy”
  5. Avo LE 2011 85th – “Box Worthy” Maybe two, one to age and one to smoke. One of the best medium bodied smokes of the year. Unbelievable!
  6. Oro Reserva double torpedo or robusto – Phenonimal! I wish I had bought a whole box in both sizes. “Box Worthy”
  7. La Verite 2009 Robusto – Poured smoke with lots of unbelievable cedar. “The Fiver” only because of the price.
  8. Alec Bradley Fine and Rare – Hands down the best Alec Bradley on the market. Ten different tobacco’s used. Complex, smooth, and flavorful. “Box Worthy”
  9. Quesada Oktoberfest – Classic beer flavors. “Box Worthy”
  10. Padrón 1964 Smoke Inn 15th Anniversary Maduro – A journey. A perfect ten. “Box Worthy”

Tim’s Top Ten Stogies of 2011

  1. AVO 85th 2011 Limited Edition – Without one my favorite new smokes this year. I buy very few boxes and this was one of the few in 2011. “The Oasis”>
  2. E.P. Carillo 2011 Limitada – “Dark Rituals” – My favorite EPC release to date. Great balance, complexity, and quality. “Box Worthy”
  3. Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 (2011) Short Robusto – A great stick that just pours smoke and flavor. I prefer the Short Robusto to the larger sizes. I found the Salomone to have a little too much strength and a little less flavor. “Box Worthy”
  4. Tatuaje M80 – Wow! wish I had grabbed a box of these. Great flavor, strength, and construction. “Box Worthy”
  5. Tatuaje La Verite 2009 Robusto – Nice mix of wood, spice, and cream. Again I preferred the Robusto to the Churchill. “Box Worthy”
  6. Liga Privada Unico Serie L40 – I love everything Liga Privada! Nuff Said! “Box Worthy”
  7. J. Grotto Serie Reserve Gran Corona – Wood, Spice, and cream. Love this stick. “Box Worthy”
  8. Tatuaje TAA – I wish I had grabbed more of these while they were still available. Nice unique flavor profile. “The Fiver”
  9. Tatuaje Black Petit Lancero – My favorite vitola in the black series. I cannot wait until Pete does some other vitola’s. “The Fiver”
  10. Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial (2011) – I love the new size this year. it is working for me. “The Fiver”

Other Stuff We’ve Been Smoking

Paul’s List:

Tim’s List