Last Saturday afternoon was a sunny, cool Autumn day here in the North East and what I consider to be perfect smoking weather. After digging through my humidors, I came across a stick that Paul had gifted me a few weeks back. It was the Signature Perfecto vitola from the Arturo Fuente Hemingway series but it was adorned with a cedar sleeve and red band on the foot.

I have smoked the Natural and Maduro wrapped Hemingway’s in every size but I have never seen one wrapped in cedar before. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to set fire to this work of art. It soon became apparent that this was not the typical Cameroon that I have enjoyed in the past.

The Hemingway line of cigars from Arturo Fuente have been a staple in my humidor since I began smoking cigars. Available in seven different Perfecto’s in four different wrappers. These include the natural, rosado, and sun grown African Cameroon and the Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. It should be noted that there is an eighth size (Between the Lines) which is a Barber pole (uses both the Cameroon Natural and Broaleaf Maduro Wrappers). After smoking this stick and doing some research, I concluded that this is the Cameroon Rosado and Paul confirmed this. But enough about that, onto the review!

Stogie Stats

Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: African Cameroon Rosado
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Medium/Full
Vitola: Perfecto
Size: 6 x 47
Age: Unknown
MSRP: About $9.50
Number Smoked: 1


The cello on the cigar was very yellow indicating that this cigar had some age on it. Once removed, I removed the cedar sleeve and was greeted with a veiny, oily wrapper that had some light spice on pre-light aroma. My initial thought was that this stick had the potential to be something special.

After cutting the head with my straight cutter, the cigar opened with a perfect draw and ample amount of smoke. There was some bready sweet tobacco paired with an exotic spice in the background. The spice is something that I commonly pick up from Cameroon tobacco. It often reminds me of a mild ginger and hits me on the top of my palate. The spice was stronger on the retro hale and was very refreshing. Thus far, the Signature Rosado had the typical Hemingway profile I have enjoyed with the Natural Cameroon wrapper. The grey striated ash held for about an inch and a half before falling.

The second third brought some unexpected changes. The spice turned to a mild black pepper and there was a more pronounced earthy tobacco. The finish was relatively short and the body of the smoke was very smooth. There was some minor cracking of the wrapper but considering how thin Cameroon wrappers are and the temperature outside, this was not surprising. Regardless, the burn and draw remained perfect.

The last third brought yet another change up with a lot of cedar, leather, and spice. The finish was much longer and creamier now. The overall strength of the cigar had steadily moved from a mild/medium to a solid medium and the flavors also became bolder on the last third. The spice was hitting me on top of the palate again and it intermingled with the creamy cedar very nicely. I smoked the perfecto down until there was about one inch remaining and the nub remained firm and cool.


This was a nice surprise that I really enjoyed. This cigar had some of the same great flavors of the Cameroon Natural with some unexpected complexity. I would certainly, revisit this stick. In conclusion, I am going to give the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature Rosado a Stogie Geeks rating of “Box Worthy”. If you are a fan of the Hemingway line and you come across this limited cigar, you owe it to your yourself to try it. I don’t think you will be disappointed.