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What is wrong with Fuente? This stick looks like sexual chocolate, you just want to smoke it and be in heaven. There is something special about the Opus X maduro wrapper. The first inch you are created with some amazing sweetness, spice, chocolate, dark cherries. Its unbelievable. Then you notice a beetle hole about half-way down. Yikes, then it just doesn’t want to smoke. You consider smoking the cigar with your finger over the hole, but the flavors are just going down hill as the cigar heats up. The area around the hole starts to collapse and you realize the horror, you have to pitch a rare, $40 cigar because beetles had lunch, dinner, and likely breakfast the next morning. This cigar was oasis for sure, but if we had a rating for “cry like a baby” this would be it. I smoked the cigar that was right next to this one in the humidor, and it was fine, telling me the damage was done long before I got it as it was in cellophane and a cedar coffin.