El Centurian

El Centurian 2

They did make an El Centurion Lancero, which is the one I believe everyone says is the bomb. White pepper dominated, and just some so so flavors. Glad I got to try it.

El Centurion is a Nicaraguan puro with filler and binder of Cuban seed Criollo 98 and Corojo 99 carefully selected and matured for 3 years under controlled conditions. The wrapper is a beautiful Nicaraguan Habano also aged for 3 years. At RTDA Pepin is quoted as saying, “El Centurion tastes like ‘old Cohibas’ and they are aromatic.”


This cigar was made for a 2007 release in limited quantities of 850 boxes of each size ranging from Guerrero (robusto), Emperadores (belicoso) and Gladiadores (churchill). The filler and binder is Criollo 98 and Corojo 99 with a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper (aged 3 years) which at this point, has over 5 years of age after being rolled.


Also, I got NONE of these flavors, except for White Pepper, and it was NOTHING like a Cohiba Robusto, I mean not even in the same planet, let alone ballpark:

I saw somewhere on the web that Don Pepin stated that these cigars tasted like ‘Old Cohibas’. I gotta say, the first couple of inches were bang on Cohiba Robusto’s flavour profile, but then evolved to have a stronger coffee and leather tones. This was a really smokable cigar, with a smooth tobacco and dry grass core. Herbal tea and sugar cane overtones floated around, coming and going as the cigar progressed. Very balanced and near perfect. It lost the magic halfway through though, and that is disappointing for a Robusto vitola. Strong coffee and white pepper announced themselves at the door, and crashed the party with their overbearing presence. From then on nobody got along: Flavours clashed and the light kept going out. After putting up with the ruckus for another few inches, I left the party with disappointment in how it turned out.

Source (Cigar Pass, user “Macion Grey”)

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