6 1/2 x 60
Wrapper: Mexican Maduro
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Dominican grown on a single farm (Estancia La Flor de Palma in La Canela, Dominican Republic)

I wanted to revisit this cigar after Paul stated last week tht his were smelling very nice last week.  Now I have to say that I listed this as one of my flops from this year due to my expectations for it.  Now, when I cut the first one I saw something that I never saw before.  I could not believe my eyes at how big this stem was.  So i destroyed the cigar in order to pull it out and no word of a lie it was and inch and half long.  I have no idea how that got over looked.  Anyway, I got my last one out and fired it up.  I do have to say that they are smelling very nice, but the nicotine strength is still very high and the flavors aren’t strong enough still for this to be one of my favorites.  It does have some chocolatey notes as well as wood and that barnyard that you would associate with the Mexican Maduro.  I say try one, but I also say age a few because if they age as well as the previous releases they will be amazing in time.