IMG 4621

This cigar came in a tin of 4 for $25.00. Its a small cigar, size doesn’t even matter, with a pigtail cap. The cigar got off to a bad start, presented some bad flavors, and when I pitched it about half way through the flavors were still, well, bad. It was harsh, too spicy, burned too hot and poured way too much smoke.

50% Flat tire had this to say about it:

“The Bottom Line: This is not the most complex, flavorful, elegant or balanced Liga Privada. Subsequently, this is not the highest scoring Liga Privada, not even close. However, we don’t really have a way to score functionality—and when it comes to that—Papas Fritas is the best. The price point—which we don’t score—and the time it takes to smoke—which we also don’t score—combine for what is functionally, the best Liga Privada. The reason why I’ve smoked hundreds is simple: Papas Fritas is quick, cheap and easy. If I get halfway through and need to toss one, I don’t think about it. Absent an attempt at a Velvet Rat in this format, I can’t see myself ever smoking more of a single Drew Estate product.”

They must not have smoked the same cigar as I did.