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Stogie of the Week

Davidoff Colorado Claro

Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Colorado Claro
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium
Vitola: Pyramid
Size: 6x 50
Age: About 1 Year
MSRP: About $19.00

What We Have Been Smoking

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Segment: Identifying Cigar Flavors: For Beginers

I got to thinking about which flavors are easiest to pick out in cigars. The process is pretty simple, eat or drink something, then make a mental note of the flavors you experienced. Then, when you smoke a cigar, try to relate the experience to what you are tasting. Here are what I believe the five most basic flavors and characteristics you can pick up from a cigar:

1) Spice – Typically when you retrohale you will experience the full feeling of spice. It sorta hits your senses like spices in food, adding a component of tanginess to the flavor. We could argue all day if spice is a flavor or a characteristic, I think its more of a component of a cigar because spice will vary in flavor and intensity.

2) Pepper – Pepper is more of a taste or flavor than spice. We’ve talked about how a cigar can have black pepper, white pepper or even red pepper. When done right, it adds a nice balance to the overall flavors, if overdone can detract from the smoking experience.

3) Earth – I’ve never tasted dirt, well maybe a few times playing baseball on a dry day when the wind picks up or someone slides into you and kicks up a whole lot o’ dirt. Earth is a tough one, you will hear us say “earthy” a lot.

4) Chocolate/Coffee – I really enjoy this flavor in a cigar, it can vary, sometimes more towards chocolate cake (sweet) or more towards espresso (bitter, and definitely pronounced ES-presso NOT EX-presso).

5) Wood – Now wood is not something you would eat (pun intended). But you can certainly smell different types of wood, sometimes just by itself or sometimes when burning, sanding, cutting or what have you. Wood is a flavor pretty common in cigars, sometimes more like cedar, sometimes more like oak.

Runners up in the flavor/taste department: Leather, Floral, Fruit, Meat, Vegetal, Nuts, Grassy, etc..

For a very complete list, check out this cigar flavor wheel.

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Contest: Win a Davidoff Stogie Geeks Sampler!

Question: What cigar did Mark Jr. smoke to celebrate the birth of his daughter?

Congrats to Mike G. who answered;

LA Aurora Cien Años

Which is one of two he actually smoked. the other was a Cuban Davidoff from 1985. So we excepted either answer and picked a name at random.