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Full flavored and FULL bodied. Wow, did this one pack some punch. Nice touch of pepper, coupled with earthy and predominately rich cocoa sweetness. A little bit of a change-up from start to finish, enough to keep me entertained and wanting some more. I also believe these will age really well. When you are in the mood for something to give you a good strong slap in the face, this is the cigar for you. For around $5-$6 each, you just can’t go wrong if you love a powerhouse cigar.

The Asylum concept is that of a little craziness and thinking outside of the box. The Asylum line showcases some bold flavors, much in the tradition of Christian’s Camacho brand and the Asylum 13 brings even more strength. The Asylum’s cigar bands and packaging have a unique look and feel, invoking the fragile state of mind of an Asylum ward. The artwork, originally conceived by Kevin Baxter (formerly of Outlaw Cigar Co., Kansas City) and Michael Barnheart (also from K.C.), really pulls this concept together.