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The size on this cigar was a little weird. 60 ring, but in a short size. The result was a cigar that burned really well and poured some serious smoke (almost too much as it got in your eyes). It was a very smooth smoke, had some nice caramel undertones, a decent breakfast smoke. I would not recommend this size though, as it was awkward. This smoke had a couple of years of age, and I also do not recommend aging them that long either.

Size: 4.5 x 60
Price: $4-$5 a stick

Note: This is the Connecticut shade.

Perdomo Lot 23 Gordito Perdomo Lot 23 cigars are medium to full-bodied cigars blended with a 2001 harvest of bale-aged Cuban Corojo and Criollo ’98 tobaccos grown exclusively on a virgin plot of land discovered by Nick Perdomo and his late father, Nick Sr. Offered in rich-tasting 4 to 5 year-aged Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers, or naturally sweet Nicaraguan Maduro wrappers, the smoke is creamy, earthy and well-balanced with a hearty, wholesome flavor.